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What's included in my health plan?

A lot! You can call or text a Member 360 professional Monday–Thursday, 8am–7pm (ET) and Friday 8am–5pm, as often as needed.
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Text 855-907-7392
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Unprecedented dedicated care

Unprecedented dedicated care


Access to a nationwide network of providers and hospitals

Pocket Expenses

High-quality care with pricing transparency that may result in the elimination or reduction of your out-of-pocket expenses

Nationwide emergency coverage

Nationwide emergency coverage

Healthcare is complicated, so we give you a Member 360 Program!

Our Member 360 Program takes the guesswork out of navigating your healthcare. The days of calling a health plan and getting different answers from different people are gone! Each new Member is assigned a personal Member 360 Program Team Member who becomes your benefit advocate throughout your enrollment in Member360 Health Plans—that means you get consistent answers you can trust! Your Member 360 Program will remove obstacles and barriers to getting the care you need. Empower you through education about your plan and how to access care when you need it.

Here's how Member 360 works: Just a few easy steps!

Handshake Member joins
listening A dedicated Member 360 Team is assigned to the Member
Review Prior to plan start, Member 360 Professional calls Member to review benefits
Solutions Member 360 provides Member access to Quality Care, Lifestyle & Financial Solutions

Eliminating Barriers With our Member 360 Program

You can reach out to your Member 360 Program for just about anything related to your healthcare. Your Member 360 Program will:

  • Eliminate or reduce your out-of-pocket expenses
  • Educate you about your plan prior to enrollment and throughout your membership
  • Locate an in-network provider and help coordinate services with providers out-of-network
  • Enroll you in mail-order programs and coordinate the prescriptions you need with your doctor
  • Answer billing questions and help you untangle incorrect bills
  • Coordinate 2nd opinions
  • Inform you of preventative services available to you
  • Explain costs and co-payments
  • Provide you with cost and quality information so you can make the best provider choices for you
  • Inform you where and when to get care for preventative healthcare services

Staying on Course with Your Own Doctor

Member 360 offers access to a national network of thousands of high-quality, physicians, hospitals and out-patient clinics. Your employer selects your provider network prior to plan enrollment. Contact your Member 360 Program when you receive your Member Identification Cards and ask them if your preferred doctors are in the network. If your doctor is not participating, your MAP will reach out to your doctor to either facilitate enrollment in the network or work out next steps so your care isn’t interrupted!

How can I find out if my doctor is in my Network?

It’s easy! Call the Member 360 Program Team and they will help you find in-network providers or help you extend your care with your existing provider until you can transition to an in-network provider. If you cannot locate your personal provider in your network, please contact the Member 360 Program Team and they will verify the provider’s participation for you!


Members who have the CIGNA network can search for a provider, hospital or facility by name, specialty and location by following the link below.

Find Doctors (select Medical PPO)


Members who have the PHCS network can search for a provider, hospital or facility by name, specialty and location following the link below.

Find Doctors (select PHCS Network)

Member Frequently Asked Questions

What services does my health plan with Member 360 cover?

Our health plans have different levels of coverage selected by your employer that are offered to you. To understand your level of coverage, you can review your Member Identification Card or call your Member 360 Program! Our EPO and PPO plans cover essential services that fall into the following categories:

  • Outpatient care (care you get without being admitted to a hospital)
  • Inpatient Care (care you get when you are admitted to the hospital by a provider or after a visit to the emergency room)
  • Emergency Room Care
  • Maternity and Newborn Care
  • Mental Health, substance abuse disorder services, including behavioral health treatment, counseling and psychotherapy
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Services or devices that can help you recover after an injury or that you need for a disability or chronic condition
  • Lab and Diagnostic Testing
  • Preventative services, including screening test and vaccinations. For a list of covered screening tests that do not require a co-payment, click here.

How will my pharmacy and prescription needs be handled?

Member 360 has chosen Lighthouse Pharmacy as your Pharmacy Benefit Manager.  Contact Member 360 and they will explain all of your pharmacy benefits, set up your mail order pharmacy and answer any pharmacy benefit questions that you may have!

Mail-Order Pharmacy enrollment needs to be set up for all your maintenance medications.

What Is 1.800MD?

  • A convenient alternative to after-hours care!
  • Telemedicine gives you immediate access to board-certified Internal Medicine and Emergency Room Physicians.
  • Provides fast and convenient access to high-quality healthcare services 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • To enroll in 1800-MD, call your Member 360 Program Team Member at 888-422-8181, option 3.
  • After 7pm Monday-Friday and on weekends, call 1800-MD at 800-530-8666.
  • For more information regarding 1800-MD, click here.

How do I know if I am covered for a service?

Contact Member 360 for all benefit options and cost savings!  Text:  855-907-7392 / Live Chat / Email: or Call 888-422-8181

I’ve lost my Member Identification (ID) Card. How can I replace it?

  1. You can request a new ID card through the Member portal
  2. Contact Member 360!
    • Text:  855-907-7392
    • Email:
    • Call 888-422-8181
    • 8:00 am – 7:00 pm EST  Monday – Thursday
    • 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST Friday

Urgent Care vs. Emergency Room Coverage

  • An urgent care visit at a facility that is contracted by your network that is billed as a true urgent care is covered as an office visit and requires a co-payment.  Some urgent cares are owned by hospitals or medical groups and bill the claims as outpatient and not urgent care! Outpatient will cost you more and will apply to your deductible.
  • Emergency Room visits are subject to a higher co-payment.
  • If an Emergency room visit is determined to be non-life-threatening and / or non-emergent, it may not be covered on your health plan or may incure a higher copayment than a true life threatening emergency room visit.
  • If an Emergency room visit is denied as being non-emergent, you can initiate an appeal process for review.  Contact Member 360 for help with your appeal!

What should I do if I require emergency care after hours or over the weekend?

If you require urgent care in an emergency that could not be authorized prior, please call Member 360 the following day after receiving the care if services were rendered Monday-Friday. If emergency services were rendered during the weekend, please call your Member 360 first thing Monday morning.

What if I have a chronic condition that requires coordination with my health plan and providers?

Contact Member 360 and they will complete care coordination with your providers!  Member 360 will set you up for the year ahead to provide better access, more convenience and reduced out of pocket costs! Our Disease Management Program targets nine prevalent conditions for which evidence-based guidelines are established to impact health. If you have a chronic condition, you can work with a one-to-one nurse coach.

All Disease Management Nurse health coaches are registered nurses and will assist you in developing a care plan to manage even the most complex diseases.

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