Your Member 360 Program provides access to Quality Care, Lifestyle & Financial Solutions

The Member 360 program makes accessing high-quality care easier, with easy-to- understand benefits and a designated Member 360 team assigned to your group.  Now you’ll never miss important health services, including critical preventative care, due to expense or simply because you’re unaware or unsure of what your benefits offer.

A Member 360 team member will call you at the start of your plan to review your benefits so you completely understand your coverage.  Your Member 360 team member will also:

  • Provide a full benefits overview
  • Research and inform you of the qualifications of in-network providers and associated out-of-pocket costs
  • Answer and resolve any of your benefits questions
  • Reduce or eliminate your deductible and co-payments
  • Assist you with finding high-quality, in-network providers and pharmacies
  • Assist in quality and cost comparisons
  • Schedule provider appointments

  • Help you understand and resolve any billing issues
  • Keep you updated on plan-covered preventative services
  • Handle all of your prescription needs, including pharmacy selection, discounts, medication ordering and much more!

Reach your full health potential with Member 360!


The Member 360 Program helps eliminate or reduce 
out-of-pocket expenses. 74% of members who used Member 360 Services reduced or eliminated out-of-pocket expenses.

Here's how Member 360 Program works:
Just a few easy steps!

Handshake Member joins Member 360
Listening Icon Member 360 Team is assigned to the Member
Review Prior to plan start, Member 360 Professional calls Member to review benefits
Solutions Member 360 Program provides Member access to Quality Care, Lifestyle & Financial Solutions

See how Member 360 Program can help Members save!

Sample Savings for Members Requiring Imaging Who Used the Member 360 Program

Member was asked by their Physician to have an MRI of the Spine
(3 Studies—Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical Spine)

  Without Member 360 With Member 360
MRI Total Costs 3 studies at $1,300 each 3 studies at in-network, independent radiology center
x Total Billed $3,900 $800 average per test = $2400
Member Deductible $500 $500
Member Pays $500 $0

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